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Leaking Shower repair and Shower Sealing Burnie, North West Tasmania

Our Burnie Renovator's specialists in waterproofing shower leaks and shower sealing without removing tiles using the most innovative technology. We also undertake waterproofing and bathroom repairs in and around Burnie, North West Tasmania. A leaking shower can create problems in your home making mould grow in the walls and roofs and leading to leaking roofs that will slowly weaken the structure of your house. If you find such a problem existing in your house, contact us immediately for innovative and affordable solutions.

Shower Repairs Brooklyn

Best leaking shower repair and waterproofing

We use a combination of exclusive tools, products and procedures that allow our trained technicians to take up waterproofing and balcony repairs which will save your time, money and hassles at lower costs in Brooklyn, Tasmania.


Termites and Timber rot are the biggest destroyers of homes, attacking the timber frame that holds the roof in position.

The first thing that always deteriorates or is eaten is the bottom plate. The timber holds the wall from moving SIDE TO SIDE and holds the trusses up as there would be a lot of downwards weight. Based on the integrity of the frame, a lot of movements can occur thus causing the waterproofing membrane to be compromised.

What we do first:

  • Stabilize the wall by propping them to take the weight off the ceilings
  • Replace the bottom plate with new CCA Treated pine, we dyner bolt them into position
  • Then we work to replace or strengthen the stud walls, using always Treated studs.

In this process of repairing damaged walls, we would require enormous time to view the exactly damaged location on the wall. We repair the damage to be sturdy using screw and glue the new timber to old studs. We would recommend you to fix a leaking shower at the earliest, as it will cost less. If neglected, it might require a replacement for higher costs.

What you can do to protect your home

  • Always check for moulds, it's the biggest giveaway,like cupboards, door jams and skirting will discolor
  • The damp smell is another culprit
  • Termites can enter through weep hole and compromise your timber studs
  • If you are unable to recognize a leak, get a plumber to check if the damp is caused by a leaking pipe or water proofing membrane failure

Waterproofing and shower sealing

Waterproofing and fixing shower leaks involves innovative procedures that seal tiles, balcony repairs, fixing shower leaks, shower seal - sealing , bathrooms, baths, spa baths, bathroom repairs, bathroom and kitchen splash backs, membrane/shower trays leak sealing, retile shower or bathroom, regrout tiles, change colour of grout, remove unsightly stains and mould, repair or replace tiles, seal around wastes, waterproof cracks in wet areas, seal shower screens, seal hairline cracks and basically fixing shower leaks and bathroom repairs that are a value for your money. We are involved in revitalising entire shower or bathroom areas in Burnie, Tasmania.

A small leak can turn into thousands of dollars if not checked ASAP. As your timber in the wall begins to rot, it loses its strength in holding roof, and the plasterboard would deteriorate to become soft. The constant moisture would promote fungus and mould would become the perfect setupfor termite infestation. You can soon start seeing the skirting and carpets getting rotten, leading to the health hazards.

Recommendations; always do a visual for mould, dampness, and if uncertain get advice from professionals.

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